Tribute Tableware

Tribute Tableware

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Tribute is inspired by something all Singaporeans know and use in their daily lives, hawker ware. An unsung hero in a culture that only celebrates the food, we decided to adapt this otherwise overlooked staple for the home. Handmade and available in three different colours.

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Imperfections in the wood and slight differences in the wood grain of the product is due to the handmade nature of the manufacturing process. Lacquer coating may chip or crack if items are dropped or given a strong blow. Please use with care.  





Saucer (68 mm)
Bowl (125 mm)
Plate (225 mm)
Hand carved from Acacia (Saucer, Bowl) and Aragonite Wood (Plate) 
Available in three different colours (Red, Blue and Yellow)
Designed in Singapore

Hand wash only, not suitable for dishwasher or microwave. Not recommended for use with soup-like foods. 

Tribute Tableware
Tribute Tableware